• Customized Fingerprint Handbag Business Clutch Gift Bags

    Mens high-end Business Fingerprint safe genuine leather handbag with built-in fingerprint lock, perfectly be as Business, Birthday ,Christmas gift for father,friends,boy friend.

    2018/11/30 editor 197

  • Product application for sports

    FIPILOCK,fingerprint lock for sport and lock your bags and your friends backpacks together

    2018/11/22 editor 1174

  • Product application for chest

    The fingerprint lock series is most innovative products from Walsun digital technology company, it can be used in different kinds of situation.

    2018/11/22 editor 1161

  • Product application for locker

    When we do outdoor sports , Fipilock will be your best helper . Without keyless/password, fingerprint recognition , quickly 1s unlock ,easy operation,more secure

    2018/11/22 editor 1240

  • Product application for bag

    Security and convenience are Fipilock smart padlock want to take every customers important thoughts . Using your fingerprint control is one of most important technology of Fipilock .

    2018/11/22 editor 1140

  • Product application for wardrobe

    Fipilock is a perfect security tool , keyless fingerprint control , smart small and portable ,it can be widely in our life.

    2018/11/22 editor 1102

  • Customized Jewelry Box With Fingerprint Lock

    The lockable jewelry box from Fipilock professional customized fingerprint products manufacturers, it combines storage and intelligent fingerprint/key protection functions into one,very high-end ,fashion and practical .

    2018/11/22 editor 193

  • Customized Embedded Luggage Fingerprint Lock

    Customized fingerprint lock,without key or password , smart fingerprint unlock.Embedded design ,can built-in luggage .Intelligent fingerprint lock,faster ,more simple,more convenience.

    2018/06/08 editor 673

  • Customized Specialized Fingerprint Lock For Backpack

    Smart backpack lock, keyless fingerprint touch to unlock. Simple embedded design, fingerprint lock can be built into the backpack.

    2018/06/08 editor 805

  • Customized Embedded Fingerprint Lock For Jewelry Box

    Jewelry box can also has new advanced idea, customized fingerprint padlock ,with fingerprint technology start different smart fingerprint opening experience.

    2018/06/08 editor 479