Keyless Smart Padlock (Rose Gold)

Smart  Padlock Fingerprint Scanner Padlock

  • Without key or passwords,only finger control, fingerprint scanner padlock quickly and conveniently lock/unlock
  • Unique Automatic recognition experience, when smart padlock is in empty status, you can use any finger to unlock, when you set administrator account, the registered finger can be unlocked
  • Support 10 sets fingerprint storage,smart padlock can be shared to needed people
  • Administrator account identify function  enhanced security of smart padlock 
  • Fipilock Intellectual fingerprint scanner padlock for luggage,backpack,door,drawer,locker etc.
  • No computer/smartphone is needed/High quality material. Thumbprint locker lock can prevent from being pried or smashed or cut

Detail information


smart padlock

Automatic Recognition,1 Second to Unlock

Figerprint technology , quick recognition.When smart padlock is in empty status , you can use any finger to unlock, 

when smart lock padlock is set administrator account , only the registered fingerprint can be unlocked

thumbprint padlock

High Quality Safety Padlock

High quality Zinc-ally case with high tough steel shackle , fingerprint scanner padlock  take you high-level safety performance

waterproof padlock

 Waterproof & Dustproof

fingerprint scanner padlock has IP65 waterproof and dustproof function ,  biometric fingerprint padlock can prevent  rain and dust efficiently.

smart padlock

Smart Touchlock  Electronic Padlock

Smart electronic padlock biometric fingerprint scanner padlock,  touch to lock/unlock ,faster and safety

fingerprint locker lock

More Thoughtful for You

In material ,high quality zinc-alloy with high toughness steel shackle ,enhanced security of electronic padlock.

In using technology, smart padlock ,only finger is the key. Fingerprint access control ,faster and convenience. In operation ,compared with key padlock ,password padlock ,and bluetooth padlock ,electronic padlock without key/password, no computer/smartphone is need.

keyless padlock

Long Standby Time

One charging ,fingerprint scanner padlock can support up to 2 years for normal using or offer 3000 times lock/unlock actions.

Padlock specification

FL-S3 fingerprint door lockSuitcase Padlock Fingerprint Scanner Padlock FL-S3

Usage method

biometric padlock

  Check the Empty Status
  • When smart padlock is in standby status, press the button once,
  • If the blue light is on with a beep, it means the smart padlock padlock is empty,you can operate the smart padlock directly.
  • If the blue and red light will flash alternately, it means the smart padlock has administrator account.

biometric fingerprint padlock

Set Administrator Account

  • When smart padlock padlock is in standby status,press the button once, after a beep, the blue light is on,
  • Place the administrator account's finger on the fingerprint panel,the blue light is off with a beep. Then release the finger and place again. Repeat 10 times in the same step,
  • When the blue light is on with a long beep, then the light is off to the standby status.The administrator account setting is SUCCESSFUL.

thumbprint padlock

Set User Accounts

  • When smart padlock is in standby status,press the button , the blue and red light will flash alternately,it is in identifying status for identifying the administrator's fingerprint.Place administrator finger on the panel ,then the blue light is on with a beep,
  • Place the user account's finger on the fingerprint panel, the blue light is off with a beep. Then release the finger and place again. Repeat 10 times in the same step,
  • The blue light is on with a long beep ,then the light is off to standby status.The user account setting is successful.
fingerprint padlock


  • When fingerprint scanner padlock  is in standby status,place the registered finger on panel,the blue light is on with 2 beeps,
  • The steel shackle of fingerprint scanner padlock will automatically pop up  from locking hole


  • When thumbprint locker lock is in unlocking status, insert the steel shackle  in the locking hole. The red light will flash with a beep ,then the  light is off to standby status.

suitcase padlocksReset Thumbprint Locker Lock

  • When fingerprint scanner padlock is in standby status, press the button until red light flashing, then release,it is in identifying the administrator's fingerprint status,
  • Put the administrator finger on the fingerprint panel ,the red light is on with a long beep,
  • At last the light is off to standby status ,it indicated that the smart lock padlock has been  successfully reset.

waterproof padlock


  • When touch electronic padlock ,green light will flash, it means the battery is in low power status,
  • Please use the original USB type-C cable to connect the fingerprint padlock and adapter with 5V output.

About us

About us

SHENZHEN WALSUN DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. founded in 2013, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Walsun is the leading fingerprint solutions provider in China, focusing on the development and production of fingerprint technology products and embedded fingerprint solutions. 

At present, Walsun has 2 factories and R&D centers, multiple international marketing, and more than 200 employees. We attaches great importance to R & D design, including software development and hardware design. Walsun not only won the honor of Guangdong Province Enterprise of Observing Contact and Value Credit, but also obtained the invention patent of the fingerprint padlock, the U type lock invention patent and the utility model patent and software patent and appearance patent of many products, total hundreds of certification patents at home and abroad, and also got BSCI and ISO9001 international certification and SGS certification.

After years of efforts and development, Walsun has set up very close business relationships with the international shopping malls, supermarkets, trade agents and established the strategic partners relationship.

Walsun take the R & D as company's core competitiveness. Through innovation, keep improving the product design to meet the personalized needs of consumers. Walsun are striving to achieve the vision.

Customer reception

Customer reception

Customer Reception

Product Line

Product Line




Q1. May I customize the fingerprint lock to print my logo?
A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q2. How many fingerprints the keyless padlock can be registered?

A:The smart padlock can stores 10 fingerprints, including 1 administrator account and 9 user accounts.

Q3. Does your fingerprint padlock need key and passwords?

A: No, our smart lock padlock just need place your personal fingerprint on the panel to unlock, without the any key or passwords.

Q4. How many times does the fingerprint padlock can be used after one fully charge?

A:The fingerprint scanner padlock full battery can offer 3000 times lock/unlock actions.

Q5. Do your biometric padlock include the waterproof and dustproof function?

A: Yes, it is IP65 level waterproof padlock,and prevents the dust and rain efficiently.

Q6. What is the weight of your fingerprint padlock?
A: Just 85g weight smart padlock, it’s convenient to carry.

Q7: Does the indicator of smart padlock have any reminder?

A: Yes, the smart padlock's indicator have low voltage,lock & unlock remind function.

Q8: Does your fingerprint padlock have any other functions?

A: Yes, our FL-P4Pro (Bluetooth lock )model smart lock padlock has APP and Bluebooth functions to unlock.

Q9: Do you offer quality guarantee about fingerprint padlock?

A: Yes, we offer 1 year warranty to our fingerprint scanner padlock.

Q10:  Can the smart padlock be used as fingerprint locker lock ,suitcase padlocks ,backpack lock,bag padlock etc. ?

A: Yes ,smart lock padlock can be widely used in suitcase ,luggage ,handbag, backpack,locker and so on .