Customized Smart Jewelry Box with Lock(FL-J1)

The lockable jewelry box from Fipilock professional fingerprint jewelry box products manufacturers, it has fashion and unique creative styles-Girls fingerprints is key ! The delicate life of a delicate girl begins with a full sense of technology.

  • [ Smart Lockable Fingerprint Jewelry Box]:

    Built-in high-tech fingerprint technology, girl's finger touch the fingerprint panel about 0.5s, instantly opening the jewelry box.
  • [ Intimate Spare Keys]:

    If fingerprint lock is in low power state or fingerprint unworkable, keys is another safe spare opening way for emergency using.
  • [ Unique Compartments]:

    Reasonable space allocation, easy to find, beautiful and generous
  • [ Soft care inside the jewelry box]:

    Super soft and delicate flannel for better care of your precious jewelries
  • [ Makeup Mirror ]:

    Built-in beautifully makeup mirrors, discovering more refined self easily
  • [ A Surprise Gift ]:

    A perfect Christmas/Birthday gift for lover. Image that ,the happiness and surprises when girl's firstly meet the jewelry box and can use her finger to open it.
  • [ Customized Fingerprint Product ]:

    professional fingerprint lock manufacturer for custom various of jewelry box and other high-end boxes

Customized Fingerprint Box Jewelry Box Jewelry Organizer with Lock

  • Your unique Fingerprint jewelry box, a good senior choice !
  • Selected leather, beautiful, more wearable and practical
  • Built-in beautifully makeup mirrors, discovering more refined self
  • Handmade wooden box material, skilled craftsmanship, fine production
  • 360-degree-directions fingerprint unlock, unique opening methods,keep your jewelry protected
  • International standard plating hardware,not easy to fade and damage.

Detail information

Customized Fingerprint Product -Smart Fingerprint Jewelry Box with Lock -Reasonable Space Allocation 

                                                                      - Smart Fingerprints and Keys Opening

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Customers Reception

Customer Reception

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Q1. Does the jewelry box has a  built-in lock?

A: Our jewelry box is a fashion and creative product with built-in high-end fingerprint lock and key lock.

Q2. How many fingerprints the fingerprint lock of the jewelry box can be registered?

A:The jewelry box with fingerprint lock can stores 10 fingerprints, including 1 administrator account and 9 user accounts.

Q3. What's the materials of the jewelry box?

A:The jewelry box is made of  wooden,it contains  PU, environmental protection value flannel,MDF, leather, mirror, sponge,hardware material.

Q4. What is the weight of your smart jewelry box?

A: Jewelry box  is very about 1.7 kg weight.

Q5: Does the jewelry box has two ways opening ways?

A: Yes, Jewelry box  has fingerprints and keys two opening methods.

Q6: What's the functions of the jewelry box ?
A: The jewelry box has storage and security protection functions, intimately protect your jewelry and other valuables.

Q7: Can I customized embedded fingerprint lock for my own jewelry box?

A: Yes, we are professional OEM/ODM fingerprint solution provider ,you can customized specialized embedded fingerprint lock for your boxes.