Urgent reminding! Do not use this padlock!


I saw some news from internet that those households that use simple padlock became  the main target of thieves,especially in the area of  rental buildings with many people. As a news i saw,a young man entered a rental building and looked around for a target . he found a room that was unlocked on a floor and found no one  in room. So, he succeeded in stealing easily.And he found that several other rooms all used simple padlocks.Because there were no people in the room ,he  directly hit the door. and he didn't expect the padlock to crash, and then he searched valued  items or money in the room . After that, the rest several padlocks of the rental rooms were crashed one by one. Eventually arrested after many crimes.

In fact , i heard some real case when in college. And the school is also a place for thieves to pay attention, especially on the old campus.I remember it happened to one of our neighbor schools,there were many dormitory buildings stolen during summer vacation , such as computers ,camera,clothes,even some foods were lost.This caused a lot of panic among schools.I did not know the final result, but I heard that the policemen warned the students that, the simple padlock used in the residence must be replaced in time, which is too unsafe.If there is really no way to change, don't put cash and valuables in the place where you live! At that time we might buy another big padlock to increase the sense of security.

But now , the choice is much more widely, a key padlock,a smart password padlock. a fingerprint padlock and so on . As for me ,i will choose a smart fingerprint padlock. In the field of mobile phones and door locks, people have already realized the convenience of fingerprint technology. And fingerprint padlock is more flexible.Take Fipilock FL-S5 heavy security padlock for a example, it has reached the home security level and heavy design also gives a sense of security. More important, the main opening method is through by biometric recognition technology, no need to connect computer or smartphone,all operations will be manage in the smart padlock.You fingerprints will be keys after simply registered and quickly 0.5s to  successful recognition.

FL-S5 smart padlock also made some updates in design, keeping the key open to meet customer habits. In fact, as a professional fingerprint  lock factory, Fipilock conducted a special study to develop a special key in person. So, as a spare keys ,the security is higher. 

Compared with traditional padlock, FL-S5 smart padlock adopts live fingerprint recognition technology and unique small spare key  double opening ways to achieve the collision between fashion and tradition. Safe, convenient, and stylish, waiting for you to open.