2021 Consumer Technology And Innovation Exhibition Ended Successfully


With the advent of June 9th, the 2021 Consumer Technology and Innovation Exhibition kicked off with a three-day exhibition. In this exhibition, FIPILOCK is located in the 4A12 exhibition hall for the purpose of product exchange and display, and the purpose of publicity of the fingerprint lock function, and intense exchanges and discussions with visitors.

For this reason, all the staff of FIPILOCK spent nearly a month and a half preparing for the layout, product selection, and copywriting design of this exhibition.


exhibition hall


exhibition site

Communicate with visitors

In addition to communicating with visitors, there are also people from other exhibition halls who come to discuss the mystery of fingerprint luggage locks, learn together, communicate together, and make progress together.



Subsequently, the 2021 Consumer Technology and Innovation Exhibition also successfully concluded its three-day exhibition. FIPILOCK sincerely hopes that through this exhibition, everyone can learn more about the functions and uses of fingerprint luggage locks, and learn more about technology and Innovation.