• What Is Your Christmas?

    Fipilock wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Next, ​share the Christmas action of your friends and the vibrant Christmas of fipilock for everyone.

    2018/12/25 editor 226

  • What are the FIPILOCK products?

    Up to now, FIPILOCK has launched three series of fingerprint lock products: fingerprint padlock series, U-lock series, embedded fingerprint lock series.

    2018/12/12 editor 292

  • Hot wire! Fipilock Brand Experience Museum is open now!

    Hot wire! Fipilock Brand Experience Museum is open now!

    2018/12/11 editor 208

  • New Product Introduce Men's High-end Fingerprint Handbag

    this man's handbag opens a new era of smart fingerprint bags. The zipper and fingerprint lock are integrated moulding configuration, which makes the opening and closing more convenient and smooth.​

    2018/11/29 editor 250

  • Walsun Quarterly Awards Ceremony

    On November 22, 2018, on the special day of Thanksgiving, Walsun held an award ceremony for all employees.Through the many incentives of this commendation conference, the outstanding employees and the best sales are commended and encouraged.

    2018/11/26 editor 343