Customized Embedded Fingerprint Lock For Jewelry Box

What kind of jewelry box do you want? box with built-in key lock? box with small padlock? In fact, for jewelry box,maybe you can play like this, customized fingerprint lock ,embedded lock into jewelry box.

  • Customized embedded fingerprint lock into your jewelry box, use finger to unlock ,faster and more convenience.:

A well-known company named xxx want to intelligent innovation in opening way of jewelry box , they want to improve the experience of customers through by changing the old opening ways .In long-term research and investigation ,they found fingerprint technology may be a good breakthrough. Fingerprint can be used in the jewelry box ,use fingerprints to open. Is there a professional OEM/ODM fingerprint technology company can customized unique product? After studying many companies in the field of fingerprint technology, In view of professional, consistent concept and strength,they chose Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd as partners. 

Program Meeting 

Afterwards, xxx company and Walsun both carried out several in-depth discussions and exchanges on related programs, and confirmed the  theme of this the customized lock project in two weeks:  Embedded fingerprint jewelry box locks. 

Embedded fingerprint lock

At the beginning,xxx company thought that they could directly embed the existing fingerprint padlock into the jewelry box. Based on this idea and requirements, Walsun drew out the relevant ID pictures. However, Walsun thought that it is not very beautiful and proposed new opinions:Make a customized specialized embedded fingerprint lock module. After continuous feasibility analysis,Walsun made professional amendment suggestions and completed the latest ID pictures. xxx company confirmed its idea and the two parties reached an agreement. And began the sample  proofing of of the customized lock.

 embedded fingerprint padlock

Pre-modification Model : directly embedded the fingerprint padlock into the Jewelry Box

embedded fingerprint lock

Final  customized embedded fingerprint lock model with a spare key

After the prototype was tested, The overall appearance after embedding is very coordinated , but Walsun felt that the fingerprint experience can also be more accurate and efficient . After the fingerprint technology was upgraded , began the sample  proofing of of the customized lock again. After one month's testing of the new prototype, xxx company was very satisfied with the embedded details and the fingerprint opening experience, they thought that the custom services from Walsun was very well . And decided to open the mold of the embedded jewelry box.

Widely using

Walsun was also very happy to work with  the xxx company , walsun thought that as a professional OEM/ODM services provider , reach customer's requirements and provide their professional thought is very important . 

If you are interested in the embedded lock module, welcome to browse the FL-B1 detail page of  Accessories lock product.

Looking forward to cooperating with creative companies with ideas.