Customized Embedded Luggage Fingerprint Lock

Are you still carrying a small padlock? Still using a password lock? You should try another different style. Customized fingerprint lock,embedded design, faster and more convenient.

  • The smart fingerprint lock used for the luggage will take you high-tech and convenient experience, fingerprint touch quickly to unlock.:

Since using the luggage, the built-in password lock became a useless device .Because it was difficult to open it once password was forgotten. So I always carry a small padlock, but I often worry about can not find the key in the important moments. Now you don't have to worry about it anymore. The embedded luggage fingerprint lock gives you no worries.

customized fingerprint lock 

Considering common problems encountered by consumers when using traditional padlocks, password padlocks, even Bluetooth padlocks,well-known xxx company has decided to develop a practical and convenient padlock with Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd.


xxx company found that the padlock with biometric fingerprint recognition was very popular in marketwhy can't we produce a special padlock for luggage? Based on many years of research and development experience and market positioning analysis, Walsun also put forward positive opinions, and pointed out that with the development of fingerprint technology, it can be widely using. Walsun pointed that a fingerprint padlock for luggage is possible. At present,there are several different fingerprint padlocks available for luggage. In fact,not only the suitcase, because of its compact size and portable, you can use in many applications.

fingerprint padlock for luggage

 After trial,xxx thought a small padlock is multipurpose, very convenient and fast, but they wanted a  specified use for luggage and do not need carried each time.After concerning of the needs of customer, Walsun suggested that, "the padlock first should be positioned on the fingerprint technology, so that we do not  need to carry the key or set password, just finger operation, super simple. Second, for luggage, the fingerprint lock should have embedded installation design, through self-installation directly built into the suitcase, so that consumers can easily change the old way of opening."After further communication and analysis, the company decided to custom an embedded fingerprint padlock for the suitcase. Walsun's  R&D department also started to make the corresponding ID map according to the embedded customization program. After modifying the design and other details, decided to add the key unlock plan,double unlock methods ,more intimate.Then the two sides decided to carry out the sample proofing .

A month later,after receiving the sample, the two sides first started the fingerprint recognition test. After hundreds of tests, they felt that the fingerprint identification was very sensitive, and every time it could identify successfully . And the time of unlocking is very fast and almost stay in 1 second. Then according to the characteristics of embedded design, they began to test the installation design, and the fit between embedded and luggage was very good. xxx company affirmed the professional ability of Walsun, and decided to test the customized fingerprint lock  in batch production.

customized embedded lock 

If you are interested in the embedded luggage fingerprint lock , welcome to browse the FL-B2 Accessories lock product page .