Customized Specialized Fingerprint Lock For Backpack

The earliest backpack ,without security accessories,you have to carry a small padlock to protect your personal belongs. Now, customized embedded fingerprint lock with simple self-installed design, without key or password,easily become a high-end anti-theft backpack.

  • Customized padlock, just fingerprint is key,faster and simple.With embedded design ,smart keyless fingerprint lock zipper padlock can built-in the backpack.:

Shenzhen xxx luggage bag company found that the newest backpacks are more humanize, and backpacks with built-in security locks are more popular, but many people are discouraged because of their high prices.They were thinking about the bags that weren't built-in security accessories,can we make changes to make them that are acceptable to the general public? Walsun was also very supportive of this idea when xxx company conveyed the thoughts to their partner company. Both sides have the idea of cooperating .

First of all, the two sides have defined this embedded series program -  Embedded password lock for backpack etc. . Walsun conducted a professional analysis and consideration of the feasibility of the plan and started to formulate the plan.

A week later, the two parties talked about the relevant program. The XXX company pointed out that our goal is convenience. This idea of self-installation is very good. Customers can directly install on their own bags. With years of research and development in  the fingerprint expertise area, and according to analysis of customized programs from previous customers, and the analysis of market conditions and convenience concepts, Walsun proposed password lock is also a good plan, but in view of passwords are easily cracked and may be forgotten. But fingerprint recognition is more reliable, fingerprints are unique, fingerprints will always be with you, no need to memorize passwords, and it is very convenient. Coupled with the maturity of fingerprint technology and the widely application, fingerprints will be the trend of the future and more in line with the needs of the market.  XXX company agreed and asked to change to fingerprint. Walsun immediately set about preparing a new program of the embedded fingerprint backpack lock. After several times of communication and modification of the details, the companies started to do prototype proofing.


embedded fingerprint lock model

Customized Embedded Fingerprint Lock Model

After received the sample,  the two sides were felt well ,,first of all,fingerprint recognition was very accurate and could unlock in 1 second, In general,fingerprint technology experiential was very well, but  xxx company wanted to change the appearance of customized fingerprint lock.They described the shape what they want and began to do prototype proofing.

Final Embedded Backpack lock Fingerprint lock Model

Final Embedded Backpack lock Fingerprint lock Model

After continuous prototype testing, walsun felt that the experience was very good,so they sent the prototype  to xxx company  for testing. xxx company also felt very good,the appearance was very beautiful and product experience was also well. xxx company was very satisfied with the product.And decided to open the mold of the customized embedded lock.

backpack lock

If you are interested in the embedded fingerprint lock , welcome to browse the FL-B2 Accessories lock product page .