Bluetooth Smart Fingerprint Padlock is the perfect connected device to keep your belongings secure.


Bluetooth Smart Fingerprint Padlock is the perfect connected device to keep your belongings secure.

Once upon a time, I found myself between classes in high school, unable to unlock my locker and get my books out. With only 5-7 minutes between classes, trips to the locker to swap out class books, fighting hallway traffic, and trips to the restroom, the last thing I needed was a bump lock on my locker. Unfortunately, this was almost an everyday occurrence. I have more than my fair share of close calls with the tardy bell. Fast forward to now and there are smart locks available that make it much easier to get in and out of lockers (or any other secured location) that you desire. Fipilock, the most well-known name in padlocks, has a Bluetooth Smart Fingerprint Padlock that is access remastered.


Fipilock  Bluetooth Smart Fingerprint Padlock takes away the key and the combination lock and provides you with a simple easy-to-use app that replaces both of those archaic locking/unlocking methods. The app gives you the option to unlock your lock, share access with guests, and monitor the lock’s activity. It’s really quite remarkable. It’s very easy to use and Master Lock provides you with adequate information to get started. In fact, the most difficult thing about dealing with the Bluetooth Smart Padlock  is getting it out of its packaging.

Getting set-up is very easy. After you get the lock and instructions out of its package, you then download the apps and follow its step-by-step onscreen instructions to get the lock added and functioning with your phone. You are required to set-up a Fipilock account, but it’s free and only takes a minute or two. Once your account is set-up you add a lock by entering its activation code, which is located on the instructions. After you have your lock connected to your phone you are ready to go.