Fipilock Has Made Great Achievements Again. Won The Science and Technology Innovation Award!


The second week after October National Day Week is the time to go to Hong Kong Exhibition. Although there are some security risks in Hong Kong recently, there are still many people coming to the exhibition. Of course, our fipilock will also keep pace with it. We will go straight to the exhibition hall with our many innovative products.


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Walsun has been doing innovative consumer electronics products. During this period, it has been exploring and developing many new products. Every time we will bring new products to the exhibition. In recent years, although the number of buyers participating in the exhibition has decreased, fipilock's every exhibition is the focus of the whole exhibition and there are countless visitors. Before attending the exhibition, we were informed that Walsun won the science and Technology Innovation Awards, which is a new product of Customs fingerprint padlock developed by us. This is also a new type of consumer electronics product that we have just developed. After the product was fully launched, it caused a stir in the market, and all peers followed suit.


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In the past, people came and went to Hong Kong exhibitions in an endless stream, while fipilock's booth always attracted the attention of buyers, and 18 square meters were always full of people. Our young sisters were busy receiving customers. Now it has won the Innovation Awards. There are not only many buyers from all over the world in the booth, but also some media interviews. We are constantly exploring, developing new products and innovating, so that we can enjoy the present achievements. The growth of Watson is obvious to all. We will continue to go better and better on the road of innovation in the future!