FIPILOCK Debuts on Taobao and Pinduoduo's Live Broadcast


FIPILOCK Debuts on Taobao and Pinduoduo's  Live Broadcast

At4p.m. on September 4th,2020 after a month of careful preparations,FIPILOCK’s first live broadcast on Taobao and Pinduoduo finally debuted in a special form of joint broadcast.

As the "first show" on the two major e-commerce platforms, FIPILOCK has worked hard in every aspect. In order to share the life concept of smart technology with you, we have tried our best to select products. After repeated comparisons and screenings, we finally selected four popular products: FL-S5 padlock, FL-V1 men's bag, FL-V4B backpack, FL-V19 women's bag , Sincerely recommend to everyone
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These four products are essential items in daily life, and they also integrate smart technology into real life in a true sense. Regardless of the comprehensive consideration of gender, age, intelligence, practicality, etc., which fits the concept of "smart life" that FIPILOCK has always wanted to convey to everyone.

From step-by-step program discussion to price optimization again and again, we are striving for perfection and perfection. FIPILOCK not only sells goods, but also value.

In addition, we also have a professional team to plan and design the construction and layout of the live broadcast room. Whether it is lighting debugging or hardware and software equipment, FIPILOCK has invested a lot of money and manpower, hoping to bring more creativity and better visual experience to everyone. At the same time, the division of labor and cooperation among the personnel of various departments on site also fully reflects the team's efficient collaboration capabilities.
The two-hour live broadcast soon passed. "FIPILOCK" leads everyone to look at life, experience life, and enjoy life from the perspective of intelligent technology. The first live broadcast of "FIPILOCK" received enthusiastic response and was well received.

In the future, our live broadcast plan is also on the agenda.

Every day from 16:00-18:00, Taobao homepage search: "fipilock", or Pinduoduo homepage search: "fipilock flagship store", you can watch the live broadcast directly!

Every afternoon in the future, we will be in the live broadcast room on time to share with you the convenience of smart technology in our lives, hoping that FIPILOCK can make everyone's life better!