New product release-FIPILOCK FL-314


Today, let's introduce the FIPILOCK smart fingerprint padlock, FL-314, which consists of the lock body and the lock beam. The appearance size is 55*30*14.5mm, which is a relatively small lock.


The lock body is made of high-density zinc alloy with excellent strength and hardness. It is not easy to deform when impacted by external force.The padlock has a USB charging port at the bottom for charging the lock


There is a circular fingerprint recognition hole on the front, and a 96*96 super large fingerprint collection area is used inside. The semiconductor fingerprint chip used in high-end smart door locks is used for the padlock, which can ensure that the fingerprint recognition rate is higher than 97.5%, and False reject rate: <1%, unlocking speed is less than 0.5 second


The factory defaults to no fingerprint status. Users can enter their fingerprints according to the manual.This padlock supports storing 10 fingerprints. The first fingerprint is the administrator account. The administrator fingerprint can be used to add or delete user fingerprints (according to the manual, long press the fingerprint area to operate)



In terms of power supply, this padlock has a built-in polymer lithium battery and an ultra-low-power fingerprint algorithm. Although it is only 100mAh/3.7V, it fully charged can standby 1 year. It is also very convenient to charge the fingerprint padlock, either a charging pad or a charging head, which can be fully charged in about an hour


Many people don’t use the padlock now, probably have the following reasons: ugly appearance, weight, low grade, easy to rust, lock trouble, easy to lose the key.In fact, with this FIPILOCK smart fingerprint padlock, we can still lock our personal belongings more elegantly and securely, or our luggage when traveling.