Are You Still Using Key Padlock?


Recently, i often open the Tik Tok (it called DouYin in China) app and watching all kind of interesting short video. I have very deep impression for the video i watched three days ago. The scene was a gym locker. There are two girls carried a very big padlock that did not suit for the gym locker. The lock beam is too big to insert the hole of the locker. Fortunately they found a Key chain and used it to connect the lock and the locker and locked their locker. Another video was university students, the boys was come back  one by one,without carrying keys. Finally, they chosen a tallest  boy to climb into room through the window and opened the door.

This is traditional key padlock's disadvantagespadlock lacks portability and convenience.You will forget or lost your key,or  usage scenes is limited. In fact, we often encounter these situations in daily life ,but not every time you can slove it successfully . I will introduce you related  smart fingerprint padlock products to avoid these problems .

fingerprint lock provider

For example, You can use FL-S2 Fipilock small padlock with 130mm high toughness steel wire ,suit for gym/school locker, backpack, luggage etc. Fingerprint is the only and safe and reliable key.Unique fingerprint is always with you. You do not worried about forget or lost your key any more.

biometric padlock

Biometric padlock support access sharing, up to 10 fingerprints ,you can shared to needed people. More important, Fipilock can be widely used in home or outdoor. For example , when i want to gym , i will use it as a security padlock to protect my bag or backpack . when in gym , as a locker lock ,it will be used in gym locker.As a multi-use padlock,you can use the fingerprint padlock in different place according your requirements.

Do you want to experience the convenience of smart fingerprint padlock