Fingerprint Genuine Leather Business Leisure Handbag


What kind of piecemeal do you usually bring out when you go out? In general, mobile phones and wallets are essential. Men may also bring keys, paper towels, cigarettes, lighters or other. Girls have to bring more, so most women go out with bags, all kinds bags ,handbag, shouler bag,backpack and so on.

Most men will be lazy. It is best not to bring a bag. The best way is to go out with his girlfriend or wife and put things in her bag. Anyway, girls will bring bags. It’s just that when you go out, you can’t do it. You don’t want to put all these pieces in your pocket. And in the summer, there aren’t so many pockets for you to put things in. In this case, you still need a bag. If it is for work or business, then of course you need it, a  briefcase, but the briefcase is too formal, and too big, then the clutch bag (handbag)  can come in handy.

Take the handbag, generally refers to the size is smaller and thinner than the normal briefcase, no handle. So what are the unique advantages of the fipilock clutch bag?

fingerprint lock handbag

1.Smart Anti-theft Handbag
Compared with other handbag, Fipilock smart lockable handbag with built-in biometric fingerprint lock. You do not need to carry other tool, just your finger is key. And not just you ,but also your famliy and friends can opening it if you authorized to them.

2. Moderate size + High quality material

Medium size, enough to store essential items, also looks beautiful.On the other hand, with the top layer of cowhide, the texture of the clutch bag is better. Individuals don't really like the popular vegetable tanned leather. The work is not exquisite, but also "care". It is too painful, otherwise it will be easy to appear dirty.

3.Classic Black Color

If you go to work, business, or business and leisure use, it is best not to be fancy, the pattern above will be more eye-catching. So the Fipilock clutch bag is in classic black color , and the use of the scene is not limited.

4. How to take a Handbag

When you take the bag, you can choose the bag according to the portable situation. The important thing is to be natural, comfortable and not awkward. For example, holding the top corner of the bag, the hand naturally hangs down, so that the bag is 45 degrees. Or, open the hand and grab the middle of the upper edge of the bag, then the hand will naturally hang down. Or hold the bag in the palm of your hand and grab the bag from the bottom. This method is also the most common, especially suitable for suit look, instantly enhance the gas field. The handbag will be designed to be handy or hand-held, both practical and decorative. Therefore, it is a classic using methods to hold the bottom of the bag through the hand strap.

Ok, so many things have been listed. Have you learned the uniqueness of the fipilock fingerprint lock clutch? Are you getting the correct posture to take the bag?