Children's favorite gift


My lovely daughter is 5 years old. And she like to draw some picture to show her mood. It is her talent, we so happy. But sometimes she doesn’t let anyone to see her little mood. So as her mother, I must to respect her secret and make her independent space. But what should i do?


When online shopping, i saw the fingerprint padlock . it is the best gift for my lovely daughter! Only the fingerprint can unlock or lock. It is mini and elegant, my daughter will fall in love it.


When my daughter's birthday, i prepare the birthday gift ---- fingerprint padlock, the gold, lovely like my daughter. And her father prepare a draw book for her. That are a pair of best gift for my lovely daughter. 


My daughter is so happy and move. She say:“ it is the best gift for her.”

“My lovely daughter, you have the independent space to protect your secret, only your fingerprint can unlock and lock.” i said.

She smile so lovely.


Every child wishes to have their own independent space ,where their secrets during growth are contained. As their parents, we should protect their secret and encourage them to do what they love.