​Fipilock Youth Version Pay Tribute to The Walsun Fifth Anniversary


Unconsciously, Walsun has been established for five years.There are laughs, joys, and youth here. Not only to convey a message, but also show our feeling of say "no". The charm of youth lies in publicity,we need  a colorful life.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary,Walsun is very happy to share the good news to you. Walsun launched FIPILOCK FL-S2 PLUS Youth Edition-Chinese girl series authorized cooperation products-Your finger is the key.Chinese girls , transformed from all kinds of traditional Chinese scenery  essence into beautiful girls . and show their daily life in this modern society.

Fingerprint Padlock

FIPILOCK FL-S2 PLUS have a more humanized experience unlock,recognition reaction speed" 0.5 seconds.New indicator smart chip,simple and clear.No need for mobile app,Just fingerprint touch.

Fingerprint Padlock 


Wonderful life comes from a changing life,the new colors come from the colorful colors of life. FIPILOCK FL-S2 PLUS  fingerprint padlock will launch 5  different  youth color to free optional such as Sunlight Orange,Mint green,Rose powder and so on.

multi color fingerprint padlock 

Provide a safe guarantee for personal belongings.No need to put the backpack in front of your chest , make the travel without worry.Help keep valuables items which are stored at home, such as jewelry boxes or bank cards.Take you reliable safe experience.At present ,this product is still in crowdfunding on Taobao. 

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Although it will end until August 15th, but at present it has reached the target value.