Fipilock FL-S5 Smart Lock, Your Home Security Assistant!


Recently ,as a fingerprint padlock that achieves home security level,the new launched FL-S5 fingerprint padlock attracted the attention of many people. It has become an object we were competing to experience.

At first, if seeing the padlock with keyhole design, it will be regarded as a traditional padlock.Because the key is a standard for traditional locks.But built-in fingerprint technology can not be ignored,and so it is also a fingerprint padlock. In a word, as we known,it not only a key lock ,but also a smart fingerprint padlock.But Keys is main used as emergence spare in low/no power status,so,strictly speaking, this is a fingerprint padlock that retains traditional key configuration.

fingerprint padlock

After a brief understanding,the following i will introduce one of  unique function  design about this padlock to you.In addition to use it to lock or unlock, the lock beam of FL-S5 fingerprint padlock has a important function---The "Wake-up" Function .What does the wake-up function mean? Why has this design? Firstly, The "Wake-up" function of the lock beam will reduce the misuse , for example , before each unlock, press the lock beam to turn on the fingerprint unlock function, effectively prevent external forces from triggering fingerprint programs, safely save power, and make outdoor use more secure.Secondly, after the simply press,you can learn the status of the smart padlock. And  you can do the related operations according the "wake-up"function. Every time ,after you press the lock beam , the indicator will show different status, blue light or green light. If  blue light is flash, you can continue to operate the padlock, if the green light is flash, it indicated the fingerprint padlock is in low power status, you need to charge it in time.

Intimate design is to give you better security,FL-S5 smart padlock ,do you like it ?