How to master FIPILOCK FL-S2?


Now even padlocks are full of  black science and technology ,without key ,beginning to use fingerprints technology unlock . In general ,when we talk about lock ,key is a necessary parts .In other words ,a lock means a key .So it is very embarrassed when you lost your padlock or key.All of them become useless tool .

After i purchased a FIPILOCK fingerprint padlock,it did solve my annoyances of losing key or forgetting password . After a small series of days  using experience,i found some FIPILOCK fingerprint padlock using strategies,now i will share with you .

1. Administrator fingerprint is very important . As the use instructions introduce ,the first thing i did is check whether the padlock has been used or not. As following operated: put finger in the fingerprint panel ,the red light flashed 3-6 times, it indicated that the fingerprint padlock is empty status .Thenaccording to the instructions ,i began to register my fingerprint .Here, i have to remind everyone a important thing ,when you are operating , every boys and girls ,pls remember the position of our registered fingerprint. Because next time when you reset padlock or share to users ,only after administrator fingerprint identify,padlock could be registery new fingerprints .Because the fingerprint panel is small ,so in general,  i will put my finger at the position of fingerprint panel.As the following shown.

outdoor portable padlock 

2. Such a small fingerprint padlock ,is it really need not keys ? I believe that everyone has above doubts. So did i .But in fact, it is true. All operations are done on the fingerprint lock. The set key on the side is used for registering fingerprints or resetting fingerprint padlock.You need to short press set key before you registering fingerprints.If you need to reset padlock,pls press the set key until 8s. All fingerprints will be deleted after you reset padlock.

small padlock 

3. After my  attempt, I found that if we want  to increase the sensitivity of the lock or improve the recognition of the lock when you are registering user fingerprints ,or unlock as an apple phone,as my following pictures operations shown,we could record users fingerprints in multi-aspect and multiple angles. In additional, FIPILOCK fingerprint padlock supports 12 sets fingerprint storage ,so we can use it  any time, no longer worry about the next time unlock slowly.

finger padlock 

4.In winter ,our fingers will become very dry , you may not unlock padlock or registering administrator fingerprint .How can we do ? In fact , you can  touch water or apply a hand cream ,then the padlock will be quickly  unlocked . Of course , If your finger  is molting or the finger position is Inaccurate , above operations is also not  allowed. Please follow the registered finger position to unlock. if you really can not unlock ,try to use  other fingers . (Also refer to my third point above suggestions)

  Well , it is all my use experience and suggestions  ,next time if i have better use suggestions , i will also share to you. See you next time.