• New Fingerprint smart Bag Travel Anti-theft Backpack

    Fipilock newest large capacity smart backpack with fingerprint lock.The backpack was designed with the business and travel goods application module in mind, with a variety of practical features and more orderly.

    2018/12/26 editor 1647

  • What are the FIPILOCK products?

    Up to now, FIPILOCK has launched three series of fingerprint lock products: fingerprint padlock series, U-lock series, embedded fingerprint lock series.

    2018/12/12 editor 1419

  • New Product Introduce Men's High-end Fingerprint Handbag

    this man's handbag opens a new era of smart fingerprint bags. The zipper and fingerprint lock are integrated moulding configuration, which makes the opening and closing more convenient and smooth.​

    2018/11/29 editor 1143

  • Walsun Quarterly Awards Ceremony

    On November 22, 2018, on the special day of Thanksgiving, Walsun held an award ceremony for all employees.Through the many incentives of this commendation conference, the outstanding employees and the best sales are commended and encouraged.

    2018/11/26 editor 1287

  • Fingerprint Jewelry Box Best Fashion Christmas Gift

    The surprise and unique is, it has fingerprint and keys two opening methods.This jewelry box with built-in high-end fingerprint lock, you can free feel to open your box with your fingerprints.

    2018/11/23 editor 2060

  • Record Team Development Training Trip

    though the team development training trip arranged by our company has ended fr a long time . But it gave every member a happiness and profound experience.

    2018/11/21 editor 1152

  • Fipilock Notice of The National Day Holiday

    During the National Day, we will have a 7-day holiday. During this period,you can still send messages for us , and if we does not respond to your information in time, thanks for your understand.

    2018/09/29 editor 1232

  • This Mid-Autumn Festival, Go Home with a Fingerprint U-lock

    This Mid-Autumn Festival, Go Home with a Fingerprint U-lock and moon cakes .

    2018/09/21 editor 1195

  • Fipilock Fingerprint Lock In 2018 Guangzhou Lock Expo

    FIPILOCK series of fingerprint locks, U-shaped fingerprint locks, embedded fingerprint locks etc.will also be listed in the exhibition. Welcome to visit the exhibition.

    2018/09/21 editor 1110

  • How To Effectively Improve The Security Of Home ?

    Fipilock biometric fingerprint lock not only does not have to worry about forgetting to bring the key, but also the indicator reminder function (different color definitions) to let you know immediately whether it is safely locked.

    2018/09/11 editor 1176