Is It Possible to Embed A Fingerprint Lock Into Your Luggage ?


When we go out for traveling or working , almost all of us will take a luggage for carrying more personal belongs. Of course, it has become a necessary tool in daily life because of its portability and convenience.

At present ,there are many different luggage products .From security ,it can divided them into two types . One of type is a luggage with built-in lock.You will find much many common password luggage in life,especially in stations.Many people like use these products ,so do I. But there is a common and boring problem , we may forget the password. Sometimes, we have to pry and destruct lock to open luggage , finally , the lock will lose its security function.

 luggage lock


Another is a traditional luggage without lock, you need to carry a padlock to lock your luggage. There are many kinds of padlock in market ,such as Key padlock ,Password padlock, Bluetooth padlock etc. It is very convenient and can also used in other needed place. But the problem is forgetting or losing key /password easily.Finally ,you may need to change a new small padlock.

 fingerprint padlock

Recently, fingerprint padlock is well known in market. Take Fipilock fingerprint padlock for a example, FL-S2 series smart padlock with 130 mm  steel wire,  without key or password, fingerprint is key.Small size and lager capacity ,up to 10 fingerprints  ,fingerprint access shared with needed people. Portable fingerprint padlock can be widely used in backpack ,bag,luggage , school/gym locker .

luggage lock 


Is it possible to embed a fingerprint lock into your luggage bag ? Yes,you can. FL-B2 embedded lock fingerprint lock. As convenient, Self-installation design, After the fingerprint lock is embedded in your bag,luggage ,backpack , fingerprint recognition 1s to unlock ,faster and more security.

 embedded luggage lock

You can choose needed fingerprint lock type according your requirements.Of course , Fipilock is also a fingerprint solution provider ,if you have any custom idea ,welcome to contact us.