Newest Fl-S1 fingerprint lock


There is so many kind of fingerprint lock in marketing , but how to choose a economic and useful one is important . Recently , i have met a newest fingerprint padlock product .YES! It is a newest FL-S1 series fingerprint padlock .Super Slim, Super Simple, Super One ,is the padlock main and important idea.The padlock has 4 different colors , you can choose your favorite one . White color is my favorite color, Happiness white FL-S1 fingerprint lock , giving me beautiful mood,my finger and my small portable padlock , start a smart and convenience life.

fingerprint lock

The padlock has a surprise function ,automatic recognition technology, very warm and intimate. You can use your any finger to unlock . You can quickly experience the convenience of fingerprint recognition .After administrator account was set,the identifying will be private.The operation indeed enhanced the security. Of course,as a reminder, please set administrator account firstly,then use the padlock.

fingerprint padlock

Yesterday i saw a short video , 2 beautiful girls went to gym for swimming ,but  the steel shackle of the lock they took was too big to lock .But if you have the above fingerprint lock ,so easy , 130mm length high tough steel wire ,the length and thickness degree of the fingerprint lock is suit many kind of applications.You can image that it be applied in your handbag,backpack,luggage etc. 

Just one small padlock , full of security protect heart,you can feel with it .