Take your fingerprint lock, enjoy your travel


The summer holiday is coming, some people will take a travel to Hainan beach.

Diving is one of the most popular tourism projects in Hainan, every visitor to Hainan, almost all want to sneak into the sea, encounter a romantic with the sea creatures. At this time to bring a sophisticated fingerprint lock, lock you on the shore of the luggage, let you playing before and after are relaxed and happiness.

outdoor fingerprint padlock 

Hainan with its rich marine life, well preserved. when you wear the diving suit deep into the sea, the ears do not have any noise on the land, only "pup" sound of water, the sun was water refraction into numerous stars, in front of the flashing, when the string Bubble, cheerfully drift ears, you will be surprised to find that they are easy to fan their feet, freely suspended in the water, the real experience of the world of water wonderful, beautiful, comfortable.

With the keyless lock ,when you in the sea, there is no key to obstruct your hands freedom, If the hands wrapped round the traditional key lock, whether you will worry about bruising these beautiful creatures? 

With the fingerprint lock FL-S2 ,When you back to the shore, Do not worry about losing your key while you play with sands. Fingerprint lock let you to return to the storage room at any time, and easy to open your case. With it Dustproof &waterproof function ,the outdoor lock up to IP65 level, prevent the dust and water efficiently. Also do not have to worry about the password, maybe you forget it after you enjoy such a beautiful sight. With the keyless lock just pressing your fingerprints to the pad, you can unlock it.

FIPILOCK fingerprint padlock

When you bring your luggage to the airport, if your passport is locked in luggage, with eager mood, the more you can not unlock it quickly. If you lock it with our fingerprint padlock at this time, you only need to put your fingers on the pad lightly. It is very fast to unlock the fingerprint lock. And the fashionable design make you trendy. 1S to Unlock Super CPU ,High -tech fingerprint technology, learning automatically. The fingerprint padlock FL-S2 really a smart lock.

When you take your suitcase go out for a travel, Have you ever thought of using a fingerprint lock?  WALSUN's fingerprint lock will bring more convenience to your life.