The FIPILOCK smart padlock opens with a fingerprint


Still fiddling with a key or combination to lock up your stuff? Get with the times, boys and girls! A company called WALSUN has launched a smart padlock that you can open with your fingerprint, in much the same way you unlock a smartphone. The FIPILOCK comes in three models at present, the FL-S2, FL-S3, FL-S3 PRO. Different model have different function, also the material. You can also unlock the device using your finger and store up to 12 fingerprints, letting family member use it too.


If you use a padlock on a regular basis — at the gym or locking up your bike — then you'll know the annoyance of misplacing your key or forgetting your combination. (It's stupid but it happens.) So at this time, your finger is the key. The FIPILOCK is deal with this problem and no longer worry about your key will forget to carry and be copy and forgot the passwords. Only use your finger, it can be lock and unlock, it’s so amazing.

It is the annual Mid-Autumn festival, what gifts should be given to parents or children? The FIPILOCK fingerprint lock is the best gifts for you. It safe and reliable product, I think your parents and children is also like it and feel grateful for you. 

                                                                 By Cici