The origin of lock and CES


The lock has a long history in the world, and it is almost at the same time as the age of private ownership in China. According to the unearthed cultural relics and historical documents, the lock has history around 5000 years.


This picture is the primary lock in old age

So, from ancient times to the present, how many kinds of locks are there? I will introduce them  to you, the earliest people called the knot is the rope firmly tied in the open, do a knot with a tooth beast called "Xi " tool to open. Then, there were wooden door locks, such as the wooden latches behind the old wooden doors that everyone saw in the king of the ring. Then, there were three reed locks in Han Dynasty, the lock of the bronze age. Therefore, the lock also has the significance of the times. Has been to the back of the blade locks and lock the blade lock is a lock in the modern times, by the key to open, there are metal blade and spring gear control, special lock will generally be presented to the guests, friends and so on.


This picture is the modern lock

There are many kinds of locks in modern society. Most of them are small-sized family socket core structural locks. One  key is opened from the bottom, what if the key is forgotten? Then there are a variety of password locks , travel embedded password lock, or hanging on the bicycle lock, and the other types of door locks, luggage bags lock, and The rotation lock of the safe cabinet, the  most well-known is iron lock ,as shown in the picture.


This picture is the modern lock

With the rapid development of science and technology and the change of time, the lock also begin its unique development . Almost all science and technology fans know that the United States of Las Vegas science and technology fancier CES exhibition.So many  famous technology products , such as apple computer that was on display on CES.So did the lock . the category of the lock is familiar with electronic lock in the earliest CES technology exhibition. The electronic lock is also divided into many categories, such as password locks, magnetic control door control etc. . So these locks are fixed locks, large pieces of lock can not be detachable and carried out alone, and some locks have to keep the power.

With the development of economic ,When in outdoor, it is very inconvenience if  the traveler or students unlock using the key or password . What can we do if we forget password or key suddenly? What  should they do if girls is carrying the embarrassed heavy padlock ?What can we do if we could not open the luggage or unlock the bicycle ? Today , i will tell you a good news, in January 9, 2018 of this year's Las Vegas CES exhibition, an intelligent fingerprint lock will be exhibited, it is the model Fingerprint padlock series. At present, this compamy provide  FL-S1, FL-S2, S3 and other sereies products, each sereies has its different characteristics and styles. Taking the  FL-S2 as an example, look at  the following picture:


The left picture  shows the FL-S2 series of smart fingerprint padlock

Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology CO.,LTD ,which is the manufacturer of the fingerprint padlock and they have got patent .its fashion delicate appearance is small and exquisite like a lipstick. You can use it in your backpack ,traveling luggage, cabinet, bicycle etc. .The padlock just need your finger touch unlock without using password or key.Your finger is the key . It is very convenience and  our parents do not have to worry about your habit of losing the goods again. The important thing is the padlock has the following advantage.

1.The padlock can support 12 sets fingerprint storage and it can be shared to your lover, children, parents,friends etc. . As the administrator fingerprint ,you can registering your other fingerprints or identify/delete other user accounts fingerprints .

2.One fully charge can be used  about 2 years ,you can operated the padlock when charging.The padlock has a long using time than some high power consumption electronic products, it can be unlock and lock about 3000 times.

3.High quality  zinc-alloy housing material can bear the general tool or hammer. The padlock also has IP65 level waterproof and dustproof function, high effective preventing  the outdoor rain and dust. With the excited emotion,I have purchased 2 pieces  for my lover as the gift

4. High tough wire cable  made  it can not be cut by the ordinary tiger pliers or scissors .


The picture is the 4 colors of FL-S2 series and the FIPILOCK is one of  brands


Are This picture  is  the FL-S3 series of smart fingerprint padlockyou very excited?

If you are interested in the padlock, welcome to visit the company's official CES exhibition booth in  the Las Vegas of American. In addition to the FL-S2 series,you will also see the the different appearance and features of the the FL-S1 and FL-S3 series . Here i will not introduce these  products details.The fingerprint padlock company is also support OEM/ODM services ,  provide the customized services of fingerprint padlock bag or jewelry box . Would you like to see ? Do not be urgent, i will  provide you the relevant address:

CES Booth: South Plaza-63019

Time: January 9-12, 2018

Adress: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


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