The Oscar Trophy Was Stolen ,The Thieves Showed Off Boldly?


Recently,I saw a shocking news about a actress named Frances McDormand,who has won the best actress prize at the 90th Academy Awards for her performance as a grieving mother in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.This is indeed a thing worth celebratingbut it was incredible that during the celebration dinner, the trophy was stolen. Fortunatelyshe has found the trophy. 


Even now, i still fell that this is a joke. Because the stealer so fearless he not only stole the trophy ,but also showed to others and posted in internet . Isn't he afraid of being caught?  In fact , we may meet much many these things in our life .Take some common examples , when we are out or do outdoor sports ,or having a trip we are all likely to meet the baring thieves. I still remember the really story : last year when i took a bus with my friends , suddenly a girl was cried and shouted loudly to driver: "i lost my wallet" . Then the driver locked the door and stopped ,the girl called the police. Finally , policemen found the stealer.

The girl is lucky but most people lost their personal belongs. And  people think many thoughts for avoid these problems. There are many security tools in marketing.For example , the bags/luggage with built-in lock  ,you can set your password  or take the key to lock . But there are many other problemsforget the passwordlost the keys or other. And finally we have to destroyed the lock for taking the things. It is very boring . 

Fipilock fingerprint lock

But recently, i learn a new small padlock from WALSUN,  It has all function of traditional lock or password lock,but more safety and convenient .It use  fingerprint touch unlock,  without keys or password. Cause of its portability and smart and widely usage , it is very popular in marketing. Of course, WALSUN is also continuing to explore and constantly enrich and improve its functions to reward consumers' trust and support.