Fingerprint padlock and your life


This is the man who put a million on slave but the result came up extremely unsatisfactory. He married a sex kitten, just as she turned into a cat. This man moved Bitcoin into gold. Just as the clever money moved out.Now, he is finding the gun to shoot himself----commit suicide. When he tried to open his backpack and pick up his gun in his private house, he found that a fingerprint padlock has locked the backpack.He tried to use scissor to cut the steel wire and joint of the padlock, but he always be failed. The man found a hammer to break the padlock, but he still was failed. He become crazy and angry, helpless and lose. Who lock this backpack?


We sure that his wife,who is a sex kitten found his circumstance so she used fingerprint padlock FL-S2 to lock backpack and prevent him to use gun to suicide. This fingerprint padlock series are made of zinc alloy for padlock body, it got stress testing and strain relief test, it is very small and fashionable. His wife use this by fingerprint, don’t need any key or password. It is very convenient for safe. So this man cannot open and unlock fingerprint padlock. To his wife, her fingerprint is her key.


Fingerprint padlock could be regarded as smart or digital lock, it is a kind of dustproof&waterproof products. Even if products in rainy day, you can use it normally. Because of this fingerprint padlock, the man could change his views. The fingerprint padlock contained 12 group fingerprints , excepting 1 administer account, it has another 11 user accounts for your friends, children, parents, and family. It could be a kind of gift.