Fingerprint Recognition Technology Development


At present, the application of fingerprint recognition technology is the most widely used in biometric technology, and the future direction of fingerprint identification applications that embodies the great potential of the market.

It is mainly divided into four categories: First, confidential systems, which require a high level of security protection; second,Technology for the identification of large-scale crowds; third, citizen applications for urban public affairs; and fourth, authentication applications from real-life into the virtual world of the Internet.

In the 1990s, fingerprint identification technology belongs to the use of "unknown subject" in criminal investigation. "Comparing" needs to be handled by a mainframe, and the cost of time and price is relatively large. Fingerprint identification technology was limited to criminal investigation.

Fipilock smart padlock

With the development and application of fingerprint recognition technology in the market, fingerprint recognition companies find that the real market should be the civilian market for fingerprint identification technology.  Because the civilian fingerprint identification technology is "knowledgeable subject", "comparison" is faster and accurate. It is accompanied by more and more electronic devices, such as PCs, ATMs, and access control systems, which are entering our daily lives.

Except the security industry (normal fixed security door lock),portable fingerprint padlock is also very popular in market. For example, Fipilock smart padlock ,except normal door lock function, cause of its portable and lightweight, indoor/outdoor sports/travel can also use.Small keyless padlock can be widely used as bag/handbag lock,backpack lock ,luggage lock,suitcase lock etc. In a word, one padlock can multi-use.

fingerprint padlock

From a trend point of view, the fingerprinting technology will replace the keys and passwords that are defective in security and convenience to prevent unauthorized access. Just as  access sharing of Fipilock fingerprint padlock , without administrator fingerprint identifying , you can not operated the padlock.

Smart and convenient life is a popular development trend in future, maybe a small padlock ,you can start and experience smart and high efficiency life .