I really like This smart fingerprint lock


Fingerprint lock is the only padlock that is smart enough to access without a key, combination code, or smart phone. Never worry about losing your keys, forgetting your combination code or getting your locks picked again. fingerprint lock unlocks with a tap in under one second, using the one thing you always have with you - your unique fingerprint.

Fitness is the essential thing in my life, when I go to the gym,  I'll lock my locker with a fingerprint, and I'm not worried about whether my things will be lost because I know only my fingerprints can open.

bag 1

Mountaineering, travel camping is essential, I lock for my bag, I do not have to worry that my bag will be stolen quietly . 

I've ordered (fingerprint lock) for my family. As a gift, simple, easy to use, just touch the finger gently, you can open, do not need to remember the password. My little niece particularly likes, she locked in her school locker, no longer receive annoying love letters, only blame my little niece too attractive!