Snowdon: iPhone X Face ID will be a large-scale monitoring tool


Fingerprint recognition and face recognition,Which is safer ?

Recently, Apple launched the latest series of mobile phones, causing no small sensation, but one of the features can be immediately reviewed, that is face ID, this tool can identify personal information through the face, and unlock the phone and a variety of payment scenes. 


Surprise, which immediately aroused serious concern about the privacy of consumers, because the impact of this feature will be far-reaching. Retailers already expect to be able to use face recognition to monitor consumers (and this feature is not legally binding), Apple can use face ID to track the store's consumer model.


In addition, the public is another possibility that the possibility of unlocking the phone without permission is increased, because it is only necessary to lift the phone to the target's face.


At this point, I think the fingerprint to unlock is more secure, Fipilock I have seen a high security performance of a lock, do not need App, only need to lock on the operation of the input fingerprint lock, you can easily solve the items safe Let me rest assured.

By Skye