Regarding of the feeling of fingerprint padlock FL-S2 usage for branding FIPILOCK


We can find that so many locks and padlocks in this world, people always use 1 key for 1 lock. However, sometimes, I cannot find my key if I want to use key for unlock, and also, when I bring the heavy padlock and key which are not convenient for travel.This kind of heavy lock is for locking the door but it is not for my business trip, and if I bring this kind of door lock to travel, I will feel very uncomfortable.

So, from my point of view, it is unsafe or inconvenience if you have not padlock for locking your backpack or luggage ,when you begin a traveling in a unknown city .For example, you want to go to toliet at airport , you have to take your backpack and luggage to the toliet by yourself.How terrible it is ! However , the traditional lock has not the steel wire cable that can be locked the goods to the pillar or other needed places. I am very entangled ,why do we not using a unique padlock? It has a nice appearance and can be held on the hand and is convenient be locked in the near place. And can it be unlocked without a password and key? In recently ,i have found a perfect FL-S2 series of FIPILOCK fingerprint padlock ,the lock is not only small and light ,but also can be unlocked just through by your finger put on the panel.

fingerprint padlock

FL-S2 series of fipilock fingerprint padlock has a novelty and fashion design ,it not only be hung directly on the backpack, but also can be used for locking door box or air traveling luggage etc. Recently, it has been built in the safety series backpack product . Now the FL-S2 fingerprint padlock has several colors, Flat lacquer, black ,silver or gold.

waterproof padlock

Specification and function

FL-S2 fingerprint padlock using zinc-alloy housing material and high-tough wire cable . Its size like a lipstick, only 60mm long, 22.3mm wide, 14.8mm high. Easy to carry and its appearance is smooth and elegant . It just need 0.7s to open the lock when i put my finger on the fingerprint panel. The FL-S2 fingerprint padlock also has a subtle internal structure , it using the advanced li-ion battery and it can be charged fully for 1-2 hours by Type-C port. Normally,when you charge once,it can be used for about 2 years , and it can be unlocked and locked about 3000 times. The padlock has another unique feature, it has high effective water-proof and dust-proof function , its level up to IP65 class. In addition, according to my research , the padlock has the stress test and tension test report of the relevant agencies.

Other Advantages

Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology Co. Ltd. ,which is the designer and maker of FL-S2 series FIPILOCK fingerprint padlock , has their own patents. The fingerprint padlock can support 12 fingerprints groups storage ,one administrator account and 11 users accounts .It can be shared with our family member or lover through by administrator account identifying. The administrator can delete all fingerprint or allow fingerprint registering . This is fully meet the sharing concept of the modern social.

This fingerprint padlock can be widely used in backpack ,luggage, air bag and door etc. More important, It can not only as a security tool , but also can as a delicate gift for our children,friends, lover.Without any password or key,your finger is the key .The padlock has high security ,ordinary scissors, hammer is hard to destroy the lock body and the lock ring.

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