So Much Many Unlock Methods of Smart Lock ,Are You Really Understand?


Recently years , with the smart product development, much many different styles smart locks become a widely hot product ,  Here's a look at the common unlocking method for home smart locks, which is convenient for everyone to purchase.


1. Fingerprint  Recognition

Nowadays,the commonly used fingerprint unlocking schemes are optical fingerprinting and capacitive fingerprinting.The advantages of optical fingerprinting are lower cost and faster recognition. The disadvantage is that it is easy to crack, and the identification module is larger. Push-type capacitive fingerprint recognition module not only has a high recognition rate, but also uses very naturally. It only needs to be pressed on the recognition module just like a fingerprint, and it can be identified with high security. This has also become one of the most common unlocking methods for smart locks.


2. Password unlock

Through by passwords  for unlocking is the most common form of encryption. From the diary to the bank vault, you can see this way nearly anywhere. Everyone will have one or several numbers that they only know as their own password. So the convenience of password unlocking is very high, and it is almost the unlocking method that every smart lock will use.

But when enters the password, the scene is not very hidden, and the password is easy to be peeped.Or the password setting is simple, like the birthday date  is very easy to crack, making the password unlocking seem unsafe.


3.Card unlocking

Card unlocking can be said to be the closest to unlocking without key when the early fingerprint identification is not be  widely known, which save the time  of  opening the door. However, the card  is easily lost, and it is difficult to get back, and the disadvantages of being copied will also  brings certain security dangers.


4. Bluetooth unlock

Bluetooth unlocking is more advanced than unlocking your card: You can open it with your phone's Bluetooth connection lock. Its security is much higher than normal card unlocking. However, the trouble is that the app of  corresponding to the lock  should be download before unlocking, an authorized key can be obtained for unlocking. For residents who often open the door, it is still relatively good, but it is not so covenience for the temporary visitors, after all,firstly  it needs download APP.

5. Remote unlock

Compared with traditional mechanical locks, smart locks have a "smart" attribute,  when you are not at home,your relatives or friends can  open the door by remotely unlocking to enter the door directly, without the need to download the app like Bluetooth. If the child's door card is lost, only need to touch the phone , you can enter the home by remote unlock, but also remotely make the card invalid, save time and enhance security.

The "smart" feature directly determines that its functionality is not unitary, In fact, the variety of unlocking methods is a feature of its "smart" feature. A smart lock is a device that exists for security. The way of unlocking is on the basis of sufficient security. For example, fingerprint unlocking is an unlocking way that has a good balance between ease of use and security. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, in the near future, there will be new changes in the way of unlocking smart locks.