Some horrible cases let me get my tail down


Recently, the airplane transportation have some strange “inside” story of a plot that be exposed by media news, and this news let me and other passengers be very panic by airplane,how can we evaluate our psychological situation??

What kind of issue could make us be afraid of our luggage? Actually, sometimes, our private luxury bag and things be stolen by others, and some of friends cannot find their luggage after they back to their country,or their luggage or backpack have been unlocked by others.Here is a concrete example, my overseas students friend go to travel in some countries. When she back to her country, she found that her new LV bag and Gucci gifts which is 20,000 RMB have been disappeared...disappeared,the airplane company told her that they cannot find her things..?So,she pose an angry face on her Weichat and facebook.


At that time, when I found this case, I felt that is not very serious to consider the safety for luggage and bag. I guess that someone forget delivery others’luggage or private things for passengers from all over the world. However, in recent days, a young lady Mrs.Li has posed her encounter with her luggage on Chinese micro-blog,and this case initiated public people to discuss with each other about shady deal of Airplane transportation. From my point of view, I suggest people to invite some Sherlock Holmes to detect this case.In general, Mrs.Li has become one of stars from Chinese social news. I tell you what something happened from Mrs.Li side

The time back to 2 weeks ago. As we all know, Mrs.Li has occasionally posed a message on micro-blog and she has connected Policemen to ask for their help about her luggage and private luxury bags.Below is the complete case:


1. The luggage have been unlocked by others

We can see this picture as above, the luggage has been opened and picked up some things by other people in airplane transportation.

The more important things which are LV and Golden glass have been stolen by others, and someone exchange shampoo to her LV bags and glasses.                    

When she opened her luggage, she become crazy!!

This case is not only happened from this lady,but also others always find these problem.


2. letter of complaint to airplane company.

Sending several emails to airplane company

Finally,lady get the answer which cannot let her sleep

She just get 300 RMB compensation..en..I don’t know how to judge this case.(FxxK??) 



Therefore, we think about 2 reasons:

Q: Who can steal our luggage?Why?How?How can we keep our luggage?


A:Sometimes, your luggage would be stolen...For other problem...I have no idea.

Q: How can we keep our luggage and only myself could unlock it?How to do?

A:we have a method to keep your luggage which is safe, and only us we can open our luggage.



Recently, I have used one of fingerprint padlock as the high-tech product, your fingerprint is your key if you use this. Your luggage doesn’t need password, key. Only use your fingerprint, once your finger touch the panel of fingerprint padlock FL-S2, the fingerprint padlock will be unlocked through your fingerprint,the FL-S2 belongs to FIPILOCK series,it has 12 setting group for fingerprints. The owner could be administrator,setting fingerprint for others or delete their fingerprint,you can let your family members use it. If someone want to use hammer or scissor to break FIPILOCK,that is impossible.Our body of fingerprint padlock is zinc+alloy and the circuit of steel wire is very tough.Even if someone use scissor to cut this, the steel wire is complete.FL-S2 fingerprint padlock has got the international stressful testing and IP65 waterproof and dustproof. Once you charge it,it could be used around 2 years.

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