The difference between fingerprint lock and ordinary lock


Compliance with the performance, lock can be divided into fingerprint lock and ordinary lock. Ordinary lock---It's just an ordinary lock which is only satisfied to unlock, its safety performance is not high, because it has too many deficiencies, especially it can only be installed for wooden doors, security gate can not use it, so it is not widely used.

未标题-6Based on identification carrier division, fingerprint scanner technology can be divided into optical fingerprint and semiconductor (capacitive, lever type and thermal sensors)fingerprint.

The optical fingerprint scanner. Users put their fingerprints on the scanner, and then it scans the users' fingerprints.It reads fingerprints according to the initial fingerprint image.Therefore,optical fingerprint sensor has high requirements to resolution ratio, which at least reaches 500pi resolution ratio.

Fingerprint lock with the difference between ordinary lock is:Sometimes I forget  to bring the key, or lost the key, and in the era of this password, we need to remember the password too much, and forget the key password. At the same time, with our fingerprint lock. We do not need you to remember the password, do not need you go out to bring the key, as long as the fingerprint in, which anytime, anywhere to unlock.

Our fingerprint lock use all Zinc alloy case with seamless joint shows the simple design Streamlined shape shows the fashion and technology,not only have high-level safety performance,but also only 60g weight can easy to carry.


Walsun Fingerprint padlock it is relatively smaller size, and wider scanner scale, especially for dry fingerprint user. But semiconductor fingerprint scanner demands good application environments, easy to be scratched and scrapped. It is generally used to special care situations (such as banks) and products (such as mobile phones, notebook computers), the working life is much shorter than the life of optical fingerprint scanner. It collects fingerprints according to fingerprint bump influencing current on the scanner, in order to achieve its uniqueness.


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