What Can I Do for You , My Memory?


Recent years , there are more and more people begin to pay more attention to Chinese students'  safety in foreign . Every time ,when heard from these sad news ,we always feel very deplore . If you pay attention to previous news , you may know there was a talented Chinese girl was out of contact  in UK.Even if  there were many people's prayers and concerns,we also heard grievous news, the UK policemen have confirmed that  the girl  has been death. Although there are different speculations but specific causes of death, the police are still in the investigation. At the same time, it is a warning to us that we should cherish life.

In fact , the occurrence of danger can not be expected. I still feel embarrassed and scared ,when I thought of  last night. After got off work, I went home , maybe a bit tired, i  closed the door and had a break immediately .If there was not the reminder from my roommate, I was completely unaware that the key stuck on the door. It's hard to imagine that, how dangerous it was for a girl who lives alone. Is this not give the bad guys a opportunity ? In fact, many times, my friend told me about something like this. Fortunately, a very good neighbor would knock on the door and tell her that the key was still on the door. Since then, she was very cautious, but such a thing will be staged. Danger will not remind you, so for anyone , especially female compatriots, we did need to increase our vigilance and reduce the risk of danger.

Cause of my poor memory ,i  am starting to pay attention to all kinds of  unique high-tech products . I picked out one of  keyless fingerprint padlock  which named "FIPILOCK". Finger control lock/unlock is one of my favorite functions. More important ,the padlock also can be shared with others. If so ,my partners and i will never worried about forgetting the key on the door.The other attract advantage is its portability and multipurpose ,it can not only used in home ,outdoor traveling /working/playing is also convenient. You can use it lock the bag、backpack,wallet ,even then  your luggage ,bike ,gym locker and  so on . When you need not its security function,in view of its delicate and small appearance,it  also can be as a beautiful ornament .Compared with the APP padlock ,FIPILOCK  is not controlled by smartphone /computer ,and it is completely controlled by the padlock itself and the fingerprint. If so, when swimming in outdoors, you don't have to worried about   where to put the mobile phone .Just enjoy your time.

Of course, I'm only concerned with one of the types of FIPILOCK, and there are different styles and performance, and you can choose your own needs. However, it is worth believing that you can completely add "locks "to our safety, whether it is financial security or self safety, FIPILOCK fingerprint lock will spare no effort to bring you effective protection.