What Can We learn From ZTE Sanctions ?


The American Commerce Department announced that it will ban US companies from selling components, goods, software and technology to ZTE for seven years.When the news came out, it was a loss. If it is really implemented, it will be a major hit for ZTE. Without access to these core components and technology licenses, ZTE's mobile phone production will also become a problem, it will lose the US market and other markets.

Independent research and development has also become a hot topic again.  For a company, professful independent brands with research and development patents is very really important. In fact ,many company have realized  the importance and are  striving for the goal.

Walsun is one of them, who has its own brand and R & D teams, independent research and development design and production. WALSUN is a professful electronic padlock  manufacture, and it is a leading fingerprint lock solution provider in China.we have established 2 factories ,and  have set up two R&D centers. 

fipilock keyless padlock

Of course, Walsun is also very concerned about patent certification, from the appearance to the software, has obtained fingerprint locker intelligent control system V1.0, fingerprint lock access control security officer V1.0, fingerprint lock remote control system V1.0, etc. Software copyrights, fingerprint padlock design patents, fingerprint padlock utility model patents, and other patents.

At present, Walsun products have FIPILOCK fingerprint padlock series, FL-S2  series, embedded padlock series, etc. the smart padlock operation is simple, safe and reliable. Unique experiential unlocking,when the smart padlock is in empty status,any finger can unlock , After the administrator account is set,only the registered fingerprint can unlock. fingerprint padlock one full charging support 3000 times (usually a charge can be used for 1 year), packaging are accompanied by instructions and data lines, easy to use and Charging .

Fipilock can meet  different people in different environments, for example, as your luggage lock , backpack lock,locker lock , bag lock, suitcase lock etc. Of course, Fipilock is also a IP65 level outdoor waterproof padlock, you do not worried about rain and dust.Intimate access sharing, a Fipilock padlock can support 10 fingerprints for family/friends/colleague use.

luggage lock

The company uphold the business concept of "make outdoor life more comfortable , we are insist on according on the customers feedback or suggestions to make biometric fingerprint padlock more perfect. And we are also striving to realize the vision of "become a most favorited electronic brand   by consumers around the world".