When my mother old

My mother is 70years old,she often forgot something where she put and lose the key.
There were several times, she lose the door key and wait for us in the neighbour home. In order to solve this case, I left the key at neighbour home. But if the neighbour go outside, my mother also will be wait for us. But if I put in a hidden place, it will be dangerous to give the thief opportunity. 
Although my mother often forgot something, my wife and children are very understand her. In this case, she always blamed herself, and we showed the pity to her and tell her:it doesn’t matter. 
There was a day, my good friend AC send me a keyless lock, the fingerprint padlock. He said, this is a keyless padlock with fingerprint system. Only enter fingerprint can be unlock in anytime.Wow! This is the lock I want to find!
After use this padlock, my mother doesn’t worry that the key will be lose and her smile is more and more on her face. We are so happy! In order to easy for my mother, I pinked a picture on door to show the detail using.