No longer not afraid of my parents peep my diary


Many friends have the habit of keeping a diary, but they may have experienced a "nightmares": when go back to the bedroom and find the locked diary was opened...

At this moments , your mother or father will hurl a question at you, have you fall in love somebody, whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and tell you to focus on your studies. Yes, the diary was peeked out.


When you grow up, you're not afraid your secret is known? Hey hey, you still have husband or wife, right? Other times in the company, keep the important information in your notepad can be also confidentiality.

So for all of the above problems, there's a magic device that can help you to solve them -- FIPILOCK. It not only hide your secret, but also can be as a decoration. A few days ago I bought this fingerprint lock product online, and unlock it in my backpack, my friends see it after also feel my bag instant noble...


Next, I will give this product as a gift to the parents and children, on the one hand when parents go out do not have to bring heavy keys, not need the same as other ordinary lock to remember the password or carry the key, your Finger is your key. On the other hand, our child has his own secret, I will send this gift to it, let him have his own privacy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cici Zhao