Why We Must Have a Fingerprint Padlock


Fingerprint products have been introduced, it has become a hot product. We  could see all kind of fingerprint lock products in market .fingerprint lock has become the most important choice for most people because of its convenience and efficiency. This new type fingerprint padlock(FL-S3) perfection fits most people's needs.


Compare with FL-S2 fingerprint padlock, the new padlock has big change .In material, using Zinc alloy + Stainless Steel house material. In dimension and weight ,it is bigger and weightier than FL-S2 fingerprint padlock.

Of course ,it also has the fingerprint  padlock features. As follow.

[Fingerprint Technology]: Compared with other key lock, this padlock using unique biometric fingerprint technology , input your fingerprint ,quickly 1s unlock and locked.

[IP65 Waterproof]: IP65 waterproof protection, effective  prevent the rain and dustproof.

[12 Memory Capacity]: Up to 12 fingerprint sets ,multi fingerprint security standby

[1 controller]This portable padlock has only one controllerperson who is firstly  input one's fingerprint ) ,his/her fingerprint  can delete all fingerprint .

[Delicate Appearance]: Fashion appearance design, small and portable 

The portable padlock has a Widely Application: can be used in home, office, hotel, outdoor. As door lock, cabinet lock, briefcase lock, luggage lock, bag lock ,bike lock...


At present , the FL-S3 pro fingerprint padlock is developing. It has a more perfect function. Its most advantage : With APP Bluetooth function. I believe , it will become a hot product in future.